A full-time employee typically is assigned a particular timetable that includes eight-hour days of work and work week of forty hours. But, this may be different based on the specific field of work as well as the particular nature of the job.

It is also believed to be five-day working weeks but it is contingent on the place of work.

On the other hand, freelance work is contract-based and allows people to make use of their skills and expertise to provide services to a variety of clients instead of working for an employer.

If you’re a freelance who uses your abilities, knowledge, and experience to work with a wide range of clients and carry out various tasks that are not tied to a single client or. The amount of work you can undertake is determined by your capacity to complete the work in the time frame that is required.

It is typical for freelancers to be able to work on projects (called gigs) which allow you to work from home.

Which Should You Choose Between A Freelancing Job And A Full-Time Job?

Each job has its own requirements that are unique to each job and it’s possible to select the one that best meets your requirements and works with your schedule.

There are a variety of factors to consider when making a the choice between the two.

Stability against. Flexibility

Full-time employees benefit from the security of a contract of employment and the flexibility to work to a timetable. They also have a steady income that allows them to plan the next steps. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, freelancers don’t get compensated for their vacation holidays. In addition it is not always a guarantee of employment in the following week or the duration of the day.

In the end, freelancers’ incomes differ. However, they can take advantage of the flexibility working at times and places they want (at the end of the day or at home, or in a café). They have the option of deciding their own working schedules.

Additionally they could offer services to multiple businesses at the same time and earn more money by meeting the deadlines that they have agreed to.

Security Vs. Liberty

Two crucial things to take into consideration when you are deciding whether to work on your own or with a working full time. One of the primary reasons to work from home is the chance to be the boss of your life. If everything goes as planned, you’ll have the ability to choose what length of time you’d prefer to work and how much you’d like to make.

In an organization, this privilege is often restricted by rigid hierarchies that limit your advancement. If you’d like to move up the ladder in the future, you’ll probably be waiting for a job offer. or you’ll be forced to accept the possibility of a raise only once per year.

When we talk about it, this could be the biggest hurdle for self-employment.

There’s no monthly pay, but it’s transferred to your account in the bank as a freelancer. It is preferential to work hard for the money. You won’t get paid if you are sick.

Also to that, if you’re on an absence, you will not be paid. It is impossible to receive compensation when the company slows.

It’s different when it comes to an employment contract that is long-term. There is an amount that is predetermined and you are aware of when you’ll get the next pay check.

Salary Vs. Pay As You Go

A full-time position is an assurance of the same amount of money each month or week, based on the location you’re in.

As freelancers, you can only do this when you’re able to accomplish the tasks given, and this may not be the best option for people who have bills to pay every day as if they’re not able to get jobs or paid, they don’t get paid. However, receiving a salary when working in full-time employment is the type of security that everybody wants.

What Are The Similarities Between Full-Time And Freelancing Jobs

My comparision of a full-time position and. freelancers won’t be as comprehensive in the event that the similarities do not exist.

While I am an avid fan of freelancing It’s not that far to real life with full-time online work, however, there are some distinctions and we’ll explore them in this blog.

Let’s take a look at the few similarities that exist between working full-time and freelance.

Receiving A Promotion

Employees are promoted as a result of their dedication and efforts to their job. This is also true for freelancers. They are simply given the chance to get promoted and also get an increment, break an upgrade to a device or some other thing. An increase in their earnings and also working with clients that require additional aspects are all part of the promotion.

Greater And Improved Opportunities

The corporate employees are always searching for the next great chance, such as a job title, position and benefits or a better environment regardless of whether they are within the company or out of it. Freelancers are exactly like employees.

The freelancer as any employee, is not going to stay with one company throughout their professional life. It’s not the way a business that is dependent on freelancers.

All freelancers have clients that are willing to work with them. However the relationship won’t last forever. They’ll eventually shift with new customers.

Politics In The Workplace

Every working day office employees have to confront workplace issues and coworkers’ varied behaviours and traits which range from the shy employee to the skilled coworker. You’ve witnessed every one of them if you’ve been inside the office.

Freelancers get exposed to the characters on a daily basis. They encounter them in their clients, not as coworkers. When freelancers of all types meet, the subject of clients’ personalities usually is discussed.

Salary/rate bargaining

9-to-5 employees receive an agreed-upon salary and paid a set amount of rise the corporate job. In the most basic terms, freelance work appears to quite different.

They determine their own rates and can raise their rate anytime at any instant. However, employees of regular employment negotiate their pay similar to how freelancers negotiate their wages with their clients.


Although you’re not the only one accountable for a specific deadline or project , working for a company gives you a sense of safety as you are accountable for things that go wrong.

In a workplace it is the boss who is the one who assumes most of the blame for the success or failure of a project, regardless of which employees was responsible.

If something goes wrong, you must take full responsibility for the situation regardless of the reason that is similar to work that is freelance.

What Are The Benefits Of A Full-Time Job?

Full-time employment involves working with an organization or business during the required shifts.

Certain occupations could require between 8 and 10 hours per day, 5-6 hours per week, or 3-4 hours each day. This could be a morning, day or night shift.

The basic condition is that you are willing to work for the business in accordance to their needs. In addition you must be paid for this.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of having working full-time into this equation.

Most full-time employees receive their pay bimonthly or every week and receive fixed incomes. Every paycheck will have exactly the exact amount for the whole time of work. This means you will know how much money you expect to receive from your savings account and are prepared to budget in accordance with your expenditures.

Most companies offer health insurance to their employees along with other plans, including dental and life insurance.

In accordance with the position and employer based on the position and the employer insurance can be provided with a discounted rate for businesses and even for provided. Alongside helping to cover medical expenses as well as other expenses insurance can also be helpful in the event of an unforeseeable circumstance, like temporary disability.

Employees usually receive an amount of days off each payment period. This is usually used to cover sick or vacation leave. Certain companies also provide pay-per-hours during the holiday season like Eid Fitr, Eid Mubaraq and parental leave after a child is born.

Employees can save for retirement through an investment plan for retirement savings. Certain companies provide employers with a match of contributions, in which they will match a specific percentage of the employee’s contributions.

As your profession develops and your career grows it is possible that you can save your retirement savings by moving them into the retirement plan at the new company.

Which are some disadvantages of working in full-time?

Staying with an employer you’ve worked with for long period of time could cause boredom and lack of a desire for change. If you follow the same routines day after day, your job may get boring.

For a better chance of avoiding stagnation, make sure that you are constantly improving your skills at work, and also take on more challenging tasks in your work.

As a full-time worker and you work for long time in the office. During the every day. You could feel more stress as you are having to manage many tasks at the same time.

Create a list of things to do and then prioritize your tasks by priority, to help you prioritize what must be done first.

The major inadvertent disadvantages of a full-time job is the boredom. It is result of the repeated tasks and lack of motivation within your work environment can hinder your growth if not dealt with.

It may hinder your productivity through the ongoing evaluation of management, performance as well as the ROI for workers. In the end, boredom leads you to become a less effective employee.

While loyalty to a business will be valued, CVs are designed to demonstrate your versatility and willingness to change and passion for the field in which you are employed.

On the CV you submit, you must be able to show your ability to look at the bigger picture. An prolonged period of time in a single company may indicate an absence of motivation to grow or enhance you career.

What Are The Benefits Of A Freelancing Job?

The advantages of working as a freelancer are many and over my time as an all-time freelancer, one of the most satisfying benefits is the freedom to plan, which is a dream my experience. However, there are many other advantages of working as a freelancer.

Clients’ Liberty

Freelancers are able to choose their clients with whom they work with. They also can work with a broad range of clients, or just choose a select few clients.

Workload Management

Another advantage of working as a freelancer is the flexibility to pick your working hours. You can do as many or as little as you like and pick the projects you value most.

It is possible to focus on what you’re interested in, free of distractions that can come with working full-time, such as workplace politics or meetings or distractions.

Breaking the Monopoly

It’s yours once you’ve accepted the liberty of your life. You’re allowed to mix and match your client and your work as you are in complete control of each.

It’s not just possible to select the type of job you do, but you can also choose to pick the hours you work.

Work when your creative juices are flowing, and then stop whenever you’re ready. Don’t rely on your timer for eating lunch or stop for tea. It can be an inconvenience. Personalize your routine.

Increase Your Skill Set

The most enjoyable aspect of working on various projects is that you learn things that is new each time. each project.

The market for freelancers allows you to get away from your daily routine and pursue the thing you’ve been wanting do , but didn’t know what to do.

A lot of young professionals have ventures they’re interested in, but don’t have the time or the energy their time or energy. You can decide on the amount of work you do when you’re a self-employed.

You are able to accept assignments that aren’t too long and give you plenty of time to concentrate on your own business venture.

Earnings from different sources

The main benefits of working as a freelancer is that there is no limit on how much you earn. No rules restrict the number of tasks that you are able to complete simultaneously.

If you’re  jack of a variety of but not all trades you’re able to perform various tasks which require different abilities simultaneously. This lets you boost your efficiency and earn more money.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Freelancing Jobs

The benefits of freelance work are numerous that include a better balance in your life and the freedom to set your own hours and clients , as well as the endless opportunity to earn money.

Let me discuss the disadvantages of self-employment prior to changing from full-time employees and freelance.

Here are some examples:


Working as a freelancer working from home isn’t easy. You don’t have any contact with employees and management or any other employees because you’re freelancers with no employees.

Participation in professional organizations as well as on social media could help reduce feelings of feeling isolated. Twitter, LinkedIn as and Facebook are great methods to meet colleagues in the field.

Inadequate Benefits

It isn’t feasible to enjoy any the benefits offered by your employer, like the benefits of health insurance, vacation pay and other perks that are popular when you’re an independent contractor. There is no medical leave, and professional liability insurance is expensive.

If you’re employed by yourself, you won’t receive compensation for vacation or sick days. If you’re not able to serve your clients in time due to illness, personal difficulties or holiday schedules, you’ll need to develop a backup plan.

Health insurance could be expensive for those who work for themselves as they’re not eligible for discounts that are based on volume and are available to large corporations. Existing medical problems could make it difficult to get insurance.

Differentiating Work and Personal Time

The pressure of working for yourself and having a bossy home can be difficult to separate your professional and personal life. This means that you’ll be working many hours and don’t take time to do your own activities.

Is Freelancing Also A Part-Time Job

Answer: no!

It is often difficult to understand the two terms.

However, if seeking a part-time job possibility, you must know the primary distinction between full-time and part time job opportunities.

While freelancers are self-employed, they also have rights. Part-time employees are considered employees and are eligible for benefits from the company. Part-time employees have a minimum of 30 hours per week, or less. They are not occupied with multiple tasks than freelancers that work on a single job.

Freelancing requires you to work on a project according to your own time. Employers do not keep track of hours you spend working. They only are interested in what you can accomplish and how you can do it.

Part-time work entails working to a set time and delivering certain deliverables either on an hourly or week-to-week schedule. But, it’s also based on the judgement that the company.

In addition being a freelancer, you’re also your boss in the role of an assistant and employee. You work with clients, not bosses, and are able to decide your own rules and working during your working hours.

If you’re working part-time , but aren’t employed full-time You must report as a worker. Your work is subject to a set schedule and a deadline.

How Much Time Do You Need To Work As A Freelancer

A process for freelance requires you to refine your abilities and ideas before transforming them into a business is a difficult task.

Keep in mind that this isn’t only about working all day long. It’s about organizing the time you have in a manner that’s productive. Anyone who works for themselves will agree that making a schedule and not focusing on other activities is the best way to make the most all your work time!

There’s no set amount of time freelancers need to work. There’s a lots of discussion about the three-hour per-day freelancers.

It’s possible to reach this level, but it takes perseverance as well as networks. While you’re there, having fun and even making more hours by working as a freelancer can be beneficial.

The thought of working 30 hour days as a freelancing from home is a lot more appealing than the idea of working 40 hours in your current job. If you are considering quitting, think about making the switch to becoming a full-time freelance writer.

Final Thought

I’m certain that the similarities and differences that I mentioned above will assist you in making the decision about whether you’d prefer working as a freelancer , or whether you would prefer to accept the full-time job.

Like I said, I’ve had the pleasure of being freelancer for the past six years without regretting it for a moment, as I’m able to earn money from my country of origin which isn’t the case if I work in full-time.

My suggestion is that If you’re an expert at any digital field , or have an interest in learning Freelancing is one option you can consider.

If you’re a office worker who appreciates the security and stability of a decent pay, then it’s logical to seek out an opportunity.

Thank you for dropping by. Have a wonderful day.

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